Dear our esteemed customers and prospective customers,
We perform research and development for the machines in terms of low cost, safety, environment and convenience. We make a challenge for top of the world in the field of all kinds of molding machines based on expandable polystyrene and expandable polypropylene.

We manufacture preexpanders (YSE), block molding machines (YSB), shape molding machines (YSS), block cutting machines (YSWC), recycling machines (YSR) and so forth.

We want to give high profit to all of our customers by use of our supplied machines. Our philosophy is cooperation, collaboration and coexistence with all of our customers. Shall we make the great progress of globalization in the EPS/EPP industry ?

On this occasion, we appreciate your kind cooperation, full support and precious friendship and great trust to us for a long time. I hope to maintain our precious relations and make the more effort to make our customers more successful business.

Should you have any any inquiries about these machines, Pleae feel free to contact us. Thank you so much, We really appreciate it.
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